How To Write Poems


How to Write Poems is packed with exciting activities to get your pen flowing! Make poems out of leaves, carve out a mud poem, go on an outdoors simile hunt, and play poetry games in the playground. Whether you already write poems, you've never written before, or you're not even sure what a poem is - this is the book for you. Full of useful tips and starting points, How to Write Poems will make you chuckle, make you think, and inspire you to write your own poetry. Join popular poet Joseph Coelho as he explores a mind-boggling selection of poetry: from laughable limericks to poetic puns, and from ridiculous rhymes to silly sibilance. Pick up this book, grab a pen, and get going!

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How To Write Poems
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Издание "How To Write Poems" выпущено печатным издательством "Bloomsbury" в 2017 году. Издание состоит из 144 стр. Найти в наличии и купить книгу можно в одном интернет-магазине.

How To Write Poems

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